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4700 Airport Plaza Dr, Long Beach, 90815, United States

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Defeat Diabetes Seminar - Jan 18th, 2020 Partial Approval - Free

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Defeat Diabetes Seminar - March 10th, 2020 Partial Approval - Free

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Defeat Diabetes Seminar - March 21st, 2020 Partial Approval

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Multiple Dates

Long Beach Marriott, 4700 Airport Plaza Dr, , Long Beach, 90815, United States.


We take a different approach to patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. We know just how urgent it is to support the comorbid conditions – such as heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and poor circulation – but it is also critical to fight the disease at its core. We offer a fresh and customized approach for each of our patients suffering from Type II Diabetes. With an innovative approach based on recent scientific advances, we may be able to help you begin to change the effects of your diabetic condition. We use an integrated testing approach that examines the body in great detail, yielding a sophisticated understanding of your complex physiology, including the key factors that may be contributing to your diabetes. The detailed findings from these tests, allow us to create a safe, personalized and effective treatment plan to help you regain your health and quality of life.
Diabetes hits home for me. My uncle Levi, was one of my favorite uncles because of his great attitude and his caring nature. Unfortunately, all that changed when he was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which caused him to suffer for many years before passing. My uncle was only 71 when he lost his battle with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes took him from our family bit by bit, piece by piece. Near the end of his life, he was actually wanting to go. I stood by watching the whole process because I was not aware of any treatments or procedures that would be beneficial at reversing his Type 2 diabetes. My uncle passed March 14, 2003. The current research, that I am now aware of, shows that Type 2 diabetes is in fact reversible for many. Unfortunately, it was not known to me while he was alive. My mission is to spread the word that there is hope for people with diabetes and the many other diseases that it creates.

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